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We love the smell of solder in the morning!

Posted by Jack L on

"We love the smell of solder in the morning!"

Here at Canada Robotix, we love soldering so much that we ordered a shipment of some top-notch soldering products from Chip Quik.

Need to rework SMD component but not sure where to start? Here's a SMD removal kit that can help you:

Chip Quik SMD Removal Kit with Lead-Free Alloy

The SMD Removal Kit comes with a small tube of solder flux and a special mixture of alloy solder that stay liquified longer to make SMD rework easier. If you are not a big fan of Lead-Free solder, a non-Lead-Free version of the kit is also available.


The SMD removal kit is not enough for your craving for SMD soldering? We also have solder paste available for your next SMD soldering project. Try not to go for anything smaller than 0402, highly not recommended by hand!

Chip Quik Lead-Free No-Clean T3 Solder Paste (10cc)

Chip Quik No-Clean T3 Solder Paste (10cc)


We also have solder flux and wick to arm up your arsenal of soldering tools.

Chip Quik No-Clean Tack Flux (10cc w/plunger & tip)

Chip Quik No-Clean Rosin ROL0 Paste Flux (2oz Flat Jar)

Chip Quik 2.0mm Solder Wick (#3 Green) - No Clean


Lastly, I know how much we all love Lead-Free Solder. "It's better for your health and the environment!" they say.

Chip Quik Solder Wire Lead-Free No-Clean Water-Washable (0.031", 4oz/113g)

Chip Quik Solder Wire Lead-Free No-Clean Water-Washable (0.020", 4oz/113g)


Happy Soldering!

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