Chip Quik No-Clean Rosin ROL0 Paste Flux (2oz Flat Jar)
  • Flux Type: Synthetic No-Clean Paste (for Leaded and Lead-Free applications)
  • Flux Classification: ROL0
  • Flux Activation Temperature: 140 C (284 F)
  • Packaging: 2oz Flat Jar 50g

Shelf Life
  • Refrigerated >24 months, unrefrigerated >24 months

Stencil Life
  • >8 hours @ 20-50% RH 22-28C (72-82F)
  • >4 hours @ 50-70% RH 22-28C (72-82F)

Stencil Cleaning
Automated stencil cleaning systems for both stencil and misprinted boards. Manual cleaning using isopropyl alcohol (IPA).

Storage and Handling
Store refrigerated or at room temperature 3-25C (37-77F). Do not freeze. Allow 4 hours for flux to reach an operating temperature of 20-25C (68-77F) before use.


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