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From May 18 to 19, the Ontario Science Centre hosted an exhilarating robotics event that brought together various robotics groups from across Ontario. Canada Robotix was invited to set up a booth and engage with the Centre's visitors, fostering interaction among several distinguished groups, including participants from Kitchener, Hamilton, and Toronto. The diverse array of groups comprised a high school robotics team, a robotics retailer (Canada Robotix), a robotics educator, a robotics consultant from Service Industrial, a hobbyist group famed for their Star Wars drones, and representatives from IBM.


A Showcase of Cutting-Edge Robotics


The event featured an impressive lineup of robots, showcasing the latest advancements in robotics technology. Highlights included:

  • IBM's Pepper Robot: This social humanoid robot captivated attendees with its interactive capabilities.
  • Boston Dynamics Machine: Though the company itself was not present, their robot demonstrated remarkable agility and functionality.
  • York University's Robot: A prime example of academic innovation in robotics.
  • Canada Robotix Battle Bots: These competitive robots engaged audiences with our thrilling battle performances.


Canada Robotix Booth: Engaging and Educating


At the Canada Robotix booth, children and adults alike were delighted to interact with Pokémon-themed battle bots. Additionally, Canada Robotix introduced our upcoming product, the animal-themed robotics kits, which are set to be fully developed and available by the end of June.



The current mock-ups of these kits were on display, illustrating how they will integrate various sensors to mimic animal traits. Once completed, these kits will transform into fully functional robots similar to the Pokémon battle bots, offering an engaging way for users to learn about robotics and sensor technology.

The starter robotics kits will be available for purchase on in June.


A Glimpse Into the Future of Robotics 

The robotics weekend at the Ontario Science Centre provided an excellent platform for enthusiasts of all ages to explore the dynamic world of robotics. Canada Robotix's participation highlighted our commitment to innovation and education in the field, promising exciting developments in the near future.

For more information on the latest from Canada Robotix, keep updated through our website and join the community of robotics enthusiasts pushing the boundaries of technology.


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