An educational buddy for your kids, the littleBits kit!

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Ever since the covid-19 pandemic started in the beginning of 2020, education for kids is the biggest concern for parents. Kids are forced to take classes online, teachers seem to have a hard time engaging all kids at once, and parents are expected to keep their eyes on their kids and help their kids learn while they're working from home. My older sister with two daughters, 2 year-old and 8 year-old, told me that she never lives without Youtube, the great teacher, although she wants to do something more educational for them. If you're one of those parents or like my older sister, you want to make sure your kids are receiving the adequate education of course, but you might not be available all the time mentally and physically. Also you might need to refresh your memory or even worse, relearn things they are learning. You wish you could find them a buddy that makes sure they learn something valuable without your side by side.


Today, we are introducing the buddy, “littleBits” series kits.

With the help of littleBits kit, you can learn how IoT works by creating lots of fun inventions. 

There are 3 kits available at our store:

littleBits Smart Home kit - $263.99
littleBits Gizmos & Gadgets Kit - 2nd Edition - $215.99
littleBits Code Kit - $319.99

littleBits kits are easy-to-assemble, self-explanatory, highly engaging and most importantly fun!

There are more than 10 inventions for both Smart Home kit and Gizmos & Gadgets Kit. For Code Kit, there are 100+ activities and 10 lessons available.

All you need to do is choose an invention you want to do (you can come up with your own too!) and connect electronic building blocks together by following the instructions and boom! Now the bunch of blocks becomes something cool like a racecar, a wireless rover, wireless doorbell and so on. And it’s controllable with your phone too via Bluetooth.

On top of it, for littleBits Code Kit, you can learn how to code using Google Blockly programming. Google Blockly programming is block-based visual programming languages and editors. It’s playful and can be used intuitively. 

These kits allow kids to enlarge their creativity, stimulate curiosity and grow their confidence in learning.

Introduce this new buddy to your kids and enjoy seeing your kids growing into a little inventor!

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