Summer Recap 2022

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Where did the time go? Summer 2022 flew by so quickly! Our team at Canada Robotix worked hard with our partner CAROBOT Learning and Research Organization these past few months to share robotics fun with the community. Our projects were a big hit at the Night It Up Night Festival. Not to mention, we made so many great memories creating together!

Here's a recap of our favourite projects from this summer:

NightItUp LED Sign and LED Cloud Lamp

It's hard to resist being drawn in by this eye-catching mass of white cotton! These colourful displays were very popular with the Instagramers. Passerbys couldn't help but snap a picture with our Night It Up ! LED Sign.


LED Emoji Light Display

This hands-on and scalable light display was presented and sold at CAROBOT’s booth at the Night It Up event. The age group that the design was intended for is young children and the design constraints and UI were developed with the end user in mind. It is a customizable DIY emoji toy that teaches children simple electronic concepts in a fun way!

Robotic Squid Game Doll

The Robotic Squid Game Doll is made up of a wooden skeleton, sewn-on fabrics, and paint mache. The robot also had the ability to blow bubbles via a bubble gun that was mounted to the robot. Our team had such a fun time making this doll and it was hard for night market goers to not do a double take at this tall, intimidating figure!

Pokébot Battle Platform

Ready ... Set ... Battle! The poke themed platform shown above was constructed so that the poke robots could play an elimination game on it. The aim was for the robots to try to knock each other off the platform and the last one standing was the winner! All proceeds went back to robotics education in the community.

Laser Printed Pokemon Cards

These Laser Printed Pokemon Cards turns everyones favourite childhood trading game into wooden decorations that liven up any room! There are so many possibilities and Pokemon to choose from.

Summer 2022 was filled with so many creations that kept the community entertained while piquing their interest in robotics! We hope you all enjoyed our projects as much as we did!

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