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Position sensors are utilized in various industries, including automotive, racing, agriculture, and industrial applications, as well as in equipment that surround us, such as electronic music devices and elevators.

There are many types of position sensors but mostly it falls into two categories; linear or rotary.

Today, I’ll talk about the guides of two products, Rotary encoder and HC-020K Encoder, as examples.

A rotary encoder is a type of position sensor that measures rotational motion and dislocation and can be absolute or incremental. It is an electromechanical feedback device that provides location, speed, count, and direction information.

Rotary Encoder Module 

Rotary encoder module is used to determine the angular position of a rotating shaft and converts to analog or digital output signals. In the guide, we explain explains what it is and how to wire and set it up with Arduino.

To read the guide, click here!

Rotary Encoder Module $2.49


HC-020K Encoder Module

HC-020K Encoder Module is very useful to sense the motor’s position and velocity and produce a digital output within the range of 0V to 5V. In the guide, we explain what it is and how to wire and set up the module for operation with an Arduino Board. 

To read the guide, click here!
HC-020K Encoder Module $11.39


These encoders enable you to make the cool projects like below:

IKEA Hacks: A Microwave Interface for the Duktig Kids Kitchen

Garage stop light

One Kitchen Timer To Cook It All

Read the guides and enjoy the things that the encoders allow you to do!

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