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We are happy to announce that LIDAR-Lite v3 is now available! 

LIDAR-Lite v3   LIDAR-Lite v3HP

Version;  LIDAR-Lite v3, LIDAR-Lite v3HP (ipx7-rated)

It is a compact optical distance measurement sensor from Garmin™. It is the ideal solution for drone, robot or unmanned vehicle applications.


SparkFun Grid-EYE

Get ready to be able to see like the Predator! SparkFun Grid-EYE Infrared Array Breakout - AMG8833 (Qwiic) is now in stock! The SparkFun Grid-EYE Infrared Array Breakout board is an 8x8 thermopile array, meaning you have a square array of 64 pixels capable of independent temperature detection. It's like having a thermal camera, just in a lower resolution. 


Also, we have ProtoBoard / Perfboard (3x7cm 2-sided) (10-pack), an empty canvas for electrical enthusiasts! This 3 x 7 cm is designed for through-hole components with 2.54 mm spaced holes. The board is with nothing but PTH prototyping pads.

Besides those, Ribbon Cable - 4 wire (15ft), Soldering Paste 10cc and 100g, Soldering Flux (10cc) are available too!


Please check them out on our website or at the store!

Stay safe!

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