RFID Based Projects Ideas

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Radio-frequency identification (An acronym for “radio-frequency identification”) uses electromagnetic fields to detect, verify and track tags attached to objects such as cards, phones, and merchandise. An RFID system comprises a adio transponder, a radio receiver and transmitter.

Because of the auto authentication and data collection characteristics of RFID, it is classified in a group of technologies called Automatic Identification and Data Capture (AIDC.) Barcode is also classified in AIDC, but RFID is better than barcode in many ways.

Today, I’ll introduce 4 amazing RFID project ideas.

Concentration game
You may ave played the card game called Memory or Concentration. Mix the cards and randomly pick the cards to match the picked cards. A lot of concentration and memory is required to play this game. With RFID, you don’t need a deck of cards. In this way, it’s more interactive and colourful!
More details of this project, click here.

Automatic candy dispenser
You have little monsters with a sweet tooth then this project is a perfect project for you. Using RFID, only the authenticated card can unlock the dispenser. So that you don’t need to change where to hide snacks every time your monsters find out.
More details of this project, click here.

Attendance System
By swiping the tag or the card against the reader, the program automatically logs you in the system and logs the time you login on the google spreadsheet. It can be used for a small classroom or business.
More details of this project, click here.

Automatic door lock system
There are so many door lock system projects for RFID. But the inventor of this project came up with the idea of embedding RFID tags into figurines made by a 3D printer to hide them in his yard because he had locked himself out of his place several times. Smart idea, huh?
More details of this project, click here.

With RFID, you can create various ranges of projects from a game to a security system. Why don’t you pick up one today and expand the possibility of your projects?


RFID Key Chain (125 kHz)

RFID Tag Card (125 kHz)

RFID/NFC Card Reader Kit (13.56MHz, MFRC522 Module + Card + Key Chain)

RFID Reader Module

RFID/NFC Card Reader Kit (13.56MHz, PN532, Module + Card + Key Chain)

Happy coding!

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