1. Gilt PCB and Small dimension and easy to embed into your project
2. Support I2C、SPI and HSU (High Speed UART), Change between those modes
3. Support RFID reading and writing, SupportP2P communication with peers, Support NFC with Android phone
4. Typical Operating Distance have been updated to 5cm~7cm reading distance
5. Work in NFC Mode or RFID reader/writer Mode
6. RFID reader/writer supports:
1) Mifare 1k, 4k, Ultralight, and DesFire cards
2) ISO/IEC 14443-4 cards such as CD97BX, CD light, Desfire, P5CN072 (SMX)
3) Innovision Jewel cards such as IRT5001 card
4) FeliCa cards such as RCS_860 and RCS_854
7. Plug and play, Arduino compatible
8. Built in PCB Antenna, with 4cm~6cm communication distance
9. On-board level shifter, Standard 5V TTL for I2C and UART, 3.3V TTL SPI
10. Work as RFID reader/writer
11. Work as 1443-A card or a virtual card
12. Exchange data with other NFC devices such as smartphone


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