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ArduBlock is a programming interface designed to make programming with Arduino easier. Instead of writing code, ArduBlock allows you to visually program with blocks similar to Scratch.

ArduBlock is an "add-on" to Arduino. As a result, the Arduino IDE is required. This allow ArduBlock to run on any platform (Windows, Mac, or Linux) because Arduino is multi-platform. Additionally, this allow an easy transition between ArduBlock and Arduino if you want to move from visual programming to text programming.

NOTE: As of Arduino 1.6.12, the ArduBlock .jar from their official website no longer works due to a change in the Arduino IDE. However, we've modified the ArduBlock source code and compiled a compatible version.

Install ArduBlock:

  1. Download and Install Arduino IDE
  2. Download ArduBlock (there's a few options)
  3. Identify your Arduino Sketchbook location (the folder where your sketch is saved). You can find that by going to File > Preferences in your Arduion IDE.
  4. Create the following folder structure: [sketchbook location]/tools/ArduBlock/tool
  5. Paste the ArduBlock .jar file you downloaded earlier into the new tool folder you just created.
  6. Start (or restart) Arduino IDE
  7. Select the Board and Serial Port. Always remember to do this because once you are in the ArduBlock interface, it will not prompt you for this information when you click upload.
  8. Open ArduBlock. Run ArduBlock under Tools > ArduBlock.

Advanced ArduBlock:

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  • Hello
    The repeat between bloc gives a full control of the for loop (start,end,step), but there is bug if the step is negatif to go from 100 to 1. it goes in wierd way.

    Issam boukerch on

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