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The start of the new month means it's time get ready for new electronics -- Here are our new products for November!

Got a speaker but the audio isn't loud enough? Amp up the volume using the SparkFun Qwiic Speaker Amp! This user-friendly board can both maximize AND balance speaker volume. Try it in projects with your smartphones, computers, or portable digital audio players. 

Soldering can get really messy! Use the Hakko 599B Tip Cleaner to clean in between steps. This tip cleaner reduces splashes with its dome shaped design and contained flux to prevents oxidation of soldering tips. Best part is it doesn't require water to clean!

Want a sharp solder tip that won't wear down quickly? The Hakko Soldering Tip (T18-K Knife Tip) is made of durable material and is designed to last. This tip is compatible with the Hakko FX888D, FX888 the 936 series stations, and more!

While you're at it, give the Hakko Soldering Tip (T18-CF2 Bevel Tip) a try too! This bevel tip can hold more solder while drag soldering. As part of the T18 series, this tip is designed for use with the FX888 Soldering Station and is compatible with a variety of Hakko soldering irons.

A pushbutton that lights up! These small metal buttons have small solder lugs and are great for on/off functions. The 16mm Metal On/Off Pushbutton with LED Ring is available in whiteblueyellowgreen, and red.

And there's more! If your project involves water, these light up metal pushbuttons come in a waterproof version too. The 16mm waterproof metal momentary pushbutton with LED Ring is available in an assortment of colours, including whiteblueyellowgreen, and red.


Check out these products on our website or in-store!

Till next time!

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