New Products for December

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We've made it to the last month of the year. Here are some great products to end your year with! Get ready for December's new products:

Need some solder paste for Surface Mount Technology (SMT) soldering? Definitely give the Chip Quik No-Clean T3 Solder Paste a try. Solder those tough SMD components using Solder Paste Stencilling! With this lead-free solder paste, you can easily create stencils for your prototypes and hobby projects!


Check out our new UL certified power adapters. The Regulated Switching Wall Power Supply Adapters are available as 12V 1A/1000mA, 9V 1A/1000mA, and 5V 2A/2000mA. The 12V and 9V adapters are great for use with Arduino thru the DC jack, while the 5V adapter is better for use with RGB LED pixels, Neopixels, or addressable LED strips, etc.


Try out the new Raspberry Pi product that enables your Raspberry Pi Pico to connect to a WiFi network. Use the Raspberry Pi Pico W to create a web server that allows you to control digital outputs from a browser and receive sensor data.

Feeling inspired? Purchase through the site now and make your projects come true!

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