Arduino IDE 2.0

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The New Arduino IDE 2.0 is Here!

As of September 14, the stable Arduino IDE 2.0 has been released for free download, this comes with improvements to the User Interface of the IDE along with some brand new features. For those coding for long hours or at the dead of night, Arduino Dark Mode and adjustable zoom are here for your convenience. Their implemented improvements to their User Interface now allows the Serial Monitor and Plotter to be used in unison along with an automatic code-assist and completion to identify errors as you type.

This version, they integrated their Remote Sketchbook into the IDE granting access and saving your sketches in Arduino Cloud and Web Editor along with the ability to work and sync offline changes. Other user-friendly features include; reduced compilation time, assisted formatting allowing you to properly format your entire project with the click of a button; search and replacement which can display the definition of a variable or function along with a shortcut to the place it was declared; and a builtin debugger. 

The download is available under “Software” on the Official Arduino Website. Happy coding!

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