5 game controllers that add a retro feel to your game

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You can see 80’s trends are brought back in music, movies, fashion and everywhere recently. It’s great that we appreciate the retro beauty. Why don’t we add that to our projects?

Playing retro games on your Raspberry Pi is one of the popular Raspberry Pi projects out there. You just need a Raspberry Pi and RetroPie SD-card image.

RetroPie - Retro-gaming on the Raspberry Pi
After formatting and installing, you’ll have access to more than 140,000 games! Yes, it's that simple.

But one of the most essential thing you’re missing are the controllers. You need them to play games and here’s 5 controllers that can add a cool retro taste to it.


  1. Super Nintendo (SNES) Style USB Gamepad / Game Controller  $8.89

  2. Nintendo (NES) Style USB Gamepad / Game Controller $8.89

  3. PlayStation (PS) Style USB Gamepad / Game Controller $11.99

  4. Xbox Style USB Gamepad / Game Controller (with vibration)  $15.99

  5. PS3 Compatible Wireless Bluetooth Joystick Game Controller (with vibration, Bluetooth) $16.49


Can't decide or find them unappealing to you? How about making your own controller using joystick and buttons?

Arcade Joystick - Short Handle $21.19

Concave Button - Green $3.29


Game Joystick Shield $12.69 


Search "Joystick" or "Button" on our website to see more options.

Choose wisely and you'll be playing with power!

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