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How to tell which Raspberry Pi 4 RAM size do I have?

Posted by Jack L on

So...which Raspberry Pi 4 RAM size do I have?

If your Raspberry Pi is already up and running, you can easily check for the memory size within the OS (Raspbian or Raspberry Pi OS) by running the followig command in terminal:

free -h

However, if your Raspberry Pi is sitting in front of you right now, you can simply look at the marking on the RAM chip. Refer to the picture below (2GB version shown):

At the time of writing, the marking code is as follows:

  • 1GB - 4HBMGCJ
  • 2GB - D9WHZ
  • 4GB - D9WHV
  • 8GB - D9ZCL

Have fun!

Raspberry Pi 4 (2GB)

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  • I managed to buy a new 1G unit in the summer of 2020. The RAM chip is labeled 4HDMGCL

    Tom on
  • I have got okdo raspberry pi 4 – 4gb starter kit on RAM say it sec122
    Do I have got ram 4gb or 1gb ram?

    krešo on
  • In your terminal:
    free -h

    Guy on
  • What to do if I have a heatsink on the top of that RAM chip? Is there any other way to find out?

    EricILK Watson on
  • Thanks, very helpful, especially the `free -h` command line tool

    John on

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