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How to tell which Raspberry Pi 4 RAM size do I have?

Posted by Jack L on

So...which Raspberry Pi 4 RAM size do I have?

If your Raspberry Pi is already up and running, you can easily check for the memory size within the OS by running the followig command in terminal:

free -h

However, if your Raspberry Pi is sitting in front of you right now, you can simply look at the marking on the RAM chip. Refer to the picture below (2GB version shown):

At the time of writing, the marking code is as follows:

  • 1GB - 4HBMGCJ
  • 2GB - D9WHZ
  • 4GB - D9WHV
  • 8GB - D9ZCL

Have fun!

Raspberry Pi 4 (2GB)

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  • In your terminal:
    free -h

    Guy on
  • What to do if I have a heatsink on the top of that RAM chip? Is there any other way to find out?

    EricILK Watson on
  • Thanks, very helpful, especially the `free -h` command line tool

    John on
  • Thanks CR … you are awesome !!

    Michael Stratton on
  • Very helpful, I have 2 RPI4s 4GB and an 8GB. It was easy using your chart to identify the two boards, thank You!

    Marc G on

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