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Battery Power Supply Module for Raspberry Pi (USB 2.0 Hub)

Due to the Raspberry Pi has 4 USB ports, have you ever thought hook up 4 USB devices on it? So you will need a USB extension device such as USB HUB if you want to connect more USB device, but most of them are not for mobility. Now this supply& USB HUB can meet your mobility requirement, it is small and functional. In general, it is multifunctional. You can charge for your cellphone (include iphone), Raspberry Pi 3 Model B/ Pi 2B/ Pi B+/ Pi A+/ Pi B/ Pi Zero. There are 4 USB-DATA ports on the board in case you need a USB HUB as well.


  • Output current: 2A
  • Output voltage: 5v
  • Output ports: USB 2.0 X 5
  • Standard charging current/ voltage: 1A/ 5V
  • USB data ports: USB 2.0 X 4/ Micro USB x 1
  • Size: 86.6mm x 56mm x 18.45mm


  • The battery is exclude.

Package list

  • Raspberry Pi USB HUB x 1
  • M2.5 copper screws x 8
  • M2.5 copper nuts x 4
  • M2.5 steel screws x 4
  • Micro USB cable x 2

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