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Light to Voltage Converters / 640nm Laser Sensor (TSL12 - High Sensitivity)

The TSL12S, TSL13S, and TSL14S are low cost light-to-voltage sensors design to detector the intensity of light at 640nm (same freqeuncy as red laser beam). However, the sensors will also respond to light in the 320nm - 1050nm range. Use it with a red beam laser to create a laser beam security setup just like in the movie!

  • TSL12S is extremely sensitive. If you are using it as a laser detector, make sure you only use it in a dark room because it will output high when it detect even a small amount of sunlight.
  • TSL13S is a bit less sensitive to sunlight.
  • TSL14S is good for a laser gate in ambient light (still not directly in sunlight).


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