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Holder for Arduino, Breadboard and Battery (Black Holder Plate with Rubber Stands)

This Arduino holder kit makes it easy to create prototypes that aren't tethered to a computer or wall power supply. Its got space for a 400 point breadboard and your choice of either a 9-volt or AA/AAA battery pack.

Kit comes with mounting hardware for your Arduino (four M3x16 bolts, four nylon spacers, four M3 nuts) and rubber feet.

Just add in a standard Arduino, a 9V battery and snap connector or a battery pack with barrel connector, and a 400 point breadboard and you'll have everything you need to make battery powered Arduino projects quickly and easily.

To hold a battery pack in place, either use double sided tape to secure a battery holder or use a wire, elastic band, or velcro strip with the pre-cut slot.

Kit include (battery holder is NOT included):

  • (1x) 13.5cm x 13.5cm 3mm black acrylic board
  • (4x) M3x16 bolts
  • (4x) Nylon Spacers
  • (4x) M3 nuts
  • (4x) Rubber feet

NOTE: The actual battery holder is not included. We recommend using a 4-AA Battery Holder with Barrel Jack Connector.

NOTE: For the Arduino Uno Rev 3 and Leonardo, one of the mounting hole is right beside the SCL pin which prevents the M3 nuts or bolt to fit. A work around is to grind the bolt with a file or grinder (if you have one and know how to use it) or just tie the nylon spacer in place. Click here to see what we mean.

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