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Pololu 5" Round Prototyping PCB (PCB01A)

The Pololu 5" round prototyping printed circuit board (PCB) is a general-purpose prototyping board for developing your own custom electronics designs. Slightly larger than a CD, our round PCB is unique because of its circular shape, which matches perfectly with our round robot chassis using standoffs. The circular PCB is also well-suited to other applications in which aesthetic considerations or size constraints make a round PC board preferable.

This high-quality, double-sided prototyping PCB has a total of 1,780 plated-through holes, most of which are 0.042" in diameter. The PCB has a solder mask on both sides, enabling cleaner soldering and preventing short circuits. Many of the pads are connected in groups of three to make for easy prototyping, with the connections clearly indicated on the top silkscreen. All holes are on a 0.1" grid, except for special footprints (hole patterns) for a DB9 connector, a DC power jack, and a switch. (These footprints are positioned so that the corresponding components fit within the 5" circle, without sticking out.)

Feature summary

  • 5" diameter circular PC board
  • Standard 0.1" grid
  • 1,780 plated-through holes
    • 1,733 general-purpose, 0.042"-diameter holes
    • 26 larger, 0.068"-diameter holes on bus strips for test points or thicker wires
    • Four 0.125" mounting holes compatible with our round robot chassis
  • Special footprints for a DB9 connector, DC power jack, and switch
  • Ten bus strips
  • Most pads connected in groups of two or three, similar to a breadboard
  • Silkscreen clearly indicates connections
  • Solder mask on both sides

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