Intel Compute Stick STK1A32SC

The Compute Stick was designed as an all-in-one computer for presentations and displays. But it also makes a great hobby board, similar to the Raspberry Pi, Beagle Board, and other small form factor computers.

These are pulled from operations by a marketing company, have all been wiped ready for a clean OS installation. Great as a video board or emulator project, and priced inline with competing boards.

Select Specs:


32GB onboard


2GB DDR31600


Win 10 32-bit or 64-bit

Win 10 IOT

Win 8

Debian distros


None natively, works with Adafruit FT232H GPIO breakout board


1xUSB 2.0


1x SD card slot

1xMicro USB (for 5V3A power supply)

HDMI out


Full specs here

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