Mystery Robotix Box

Our new member of staff, a reformed Mad Scientist, has been scouring the shelves and backrooms for lost, forgotten, and spare parts from our shelves. They've made these amazing boxes of random parts.

The Mystery box has parts dissembled kits, returns, end-of-life product, and products that had damaged parts in shipping. Each Mystery Box you order will be different! However, you are guaranteed to get at least one of the following a box:

  • A Motor of some kind
  • Plastic and Metal frame pieces
  • Hardware like screws and nuts
  • Wires or Cables

You may also get:

  • A Microcontroller
  • LEDs or Displays
  • Wheels or Casters
  • Switches
  • Sensors
  • Stickers
  • A Gift Certificate to our Store!

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