High Current Motor Driver VNH2SP30 Shield Dual Channel (2x14A 16V)


The High Current Motor Driver VNH2SP30 Shield Dual Channel is designed for high-power motor control applications. This shield features dual channels, allowing it to drive two motors simultaneously with a continuous current of 14A per channel and peak currents up to 30A. Operating at voltages up to 16V, this motor driver shield is ideal for robotics, automation, and other projects requiring robust motor control. It integrates both control logic and power MOSFETs, providing a compact and efficient solution for your high-current motor control needs.

Compared to the VNH3ASP30 Shield, the VNH2SP30 offers dual-channel support, making it suitable for applications requiring the control of two motors. While the VNH3ASP30 Shield is optimized for single high-power motors with a continuous current capacity of 30A, the VNH2SP30 Shield balances between dual motor control and substantial current capacity per channel.


  • Dual Channel: Capable of driving two motors simultaneously.
  • High Current Capacity: Supports up to 14A continuous current per channel (peak up to 30A).
  • Voltage Range: Operates at up to 16V.
  • Integrated Control Logic and Power MOSFETs: Simplifies motor control and improves efficiency.
  • Thermal and Overcurrent Protection: Ensures safe and reliable operation.
  • PWM Control: Allows precise speed control of your motors.
  • Compatible with Arduino: Easily integrates with Arduino projects for seamless control.

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