This 1.14-inch TFT colour LCD module is very handy when you want to add a display to show information or for debugging in your next project. With a resolution of 135x240 using ST7789 display IC, the module can be controlled via the SPI protocol for fast and easy updating of text and graphics. Just keep in mind that the module works on 3.3V and NOT 5V.


  • LCD Size: 1.14 inches
  • Dot Matrix Size: 135 x 240
  • LCD Color: Full Color
  • Hardware Interface: 4-Wire SPI interface (plus Vcc and GND)
  • Driver IC: ST7789
  • Operating Temperature: -20 - 70C
  • Operating Voltage: 3.3V
  • Display Area: 14.864*24.912mm
  • Size: 28*31.4mm
  • Viewing Direction: Full viewing angle (IPS)

PIN Descriptions:

Number Pin Description
1 GND Ground
2 VCC Voltage Input of 3.3V
3 SCL SPI clock line
4 SDA SPI data line
5 RES Display reset pin. Reset of display IC when set to LOW.
6 DC SPI data / command selection. When set to HIGH, SDA transmission is used as display data. When set to LOW, SDA transmission is transferred into command registers.
7 CS SPI data chip select. Set to LOW to communicate with the module.
8 BLK LCD backlight control, this pin can be left floating. Set to LOW to turn off the backlight.

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