The 1.8" full-color TFT display module is an SPI protocol-based display using the ST7735 IC with a resolution of 128x160 pixels and a screen size of 1.8 inch. It can display up to 18-bits (262,144) of different colours. The module has its own pixel-addressable frame buffer which means it can be used with all kinds of microcontroller with only 4 i/o pins. This module also comes by an SD card slot on which colored bitmaps can be loaded and easily displayed on the screen.

The TFT Display communicates with the microcontroller over SPI protocol, so you need to connect it to the SPI pins of the Arduino. Before connecting it directly to the 5V logic level of the Arduino, ensure the voltage regulator is enabled by shorting J1. If not, a level shifter can be used to convert 5V logic to 3.3V.

Connection (with Arduino)

1 – RST Level Shifted Digital 8
2 – CS Level Shifted Digital 10
3 – D/C Level Shifted Digital 9
4 – DIN Level Shifted Digital 11
5 – CLK Level Shifted Digital 13
6 – VCC Direct 5V
7 – BL Direct 3.3V
8 – GND Direct GND



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