This item is archived from our catalog and no longer for sale. This page is available as a reference only.

JJRC R2 CADY WINI Intelligent RC Robot - Pink

JJRC R2 intellectual gesture control robot offers a fun and educational way to play. It features intellectual programming, gesture control, obstacle avoidance, singing and dancing, auto display etc. The robot fits for fun family time and keep kids engaged and entertained,also can be used as an article for home decorations!

Intellectual Programming

The robot can be programmed to carry out movements as you create.

Gesture Control

Controlled using simple gestures, the robot can react your gestures with basic movements of forward, backward,left turn and right turn, along with sound effects

Patrol and Obstacle Avoidance

The robot will move forward and go on patrol along with music. Once detecting obstacle in the way, it will deliver messages as reminders and then move backward and turn left or right on occasions to avoid obstacles.

Singing and Dancing

The robot can sing and dance to entertain you.

Auto Display

Press "Display" button to review three clips of robot's dancing steps and movements. It is ready to stun you with its agility in moves.

Cool LED Eyes

The stunning LED eyes brings tons of fun even in the darkness.