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Sifteo Cubes Intelligent Game System (Newest Model)

  • Portable interactive game system for Intelligent Play
  • Sifteo Cubes sense each other, and react to your moves
  • Four pre-installed games work right out of the box
  • Sync to your computer to get more games
  • Expand up to 12 cubes to enhance your gameplay (three cubes included)

From the Manufacturer


Sifteo Cubes are classic play, made interactive. The award-winning, tactile entertainment system is unlike any game platform you've ever tried, yet you’ll be hooked in seconds. Perfect for families and individual players alike!

Sifteo Cubes are like dominos sprinkled with a bit of magic. Ready for play right out of the box, they'll get your hands and mind moving with an ever-expanding library of exclusive titles from top game developers. Designed for performance and portability, the cubes sense each other and your gestures, display full-color graphics, respond to touch, and communicate wirelessly. Tilt, shake, neighbor, press, scootch, wiggle, slide, flip, stack - get ready for endless hands-on play! Download additional games and add extra cubes to unlock new possibilities. Play together with family and friends, anywhere!

Recommended for ages seven to adult.

Awards & Honors,& Kudos:


“Best of What’s New” Popular Science
“Top 10 Most Innovative Consumer Electronic Companies”Fast Company
“Top Tech Gifts This Holiday Season” TODAY show
“Holiday buying guide - perfect gift for gamers” — PC World
“Best New Gadget, Finalist” Mashable
“Top 5 most engaging TED talks” — PostRank

What's Included:

  • 3 Sifteo Cubes
  • Sifteo Base with speaker and USB port, pre-loaded with 4 included titles
  • 4 included game titles: Chroma Splash, Cube Buddies, Code Cracker, and Word Caravan
  • Micro USB cable
  • 5 AAA Batteries
  • Soft carrying case

How Sifteo Cubes Work

Sifteo Cubes respond to your moves. Neighbor Sifteo Cubes side-by-side or top-to-bottom and watch them interact for totally unique gameplay. You can also shake, tilt, flip and press cubes for endless combinations. Your cubes operate as a single game interface, and can be played single player or multiplayer, depending on the game. Expand your play possibilities by downloading more games (using the Sifteo Desktop Software) and adding additional cubes.

Big tech in a little package

The ultra-compact Sifteo base runs the show. It stores your games, plays game music and sound effects, and wirelessly talks with the cubes. Purchase additional games using the Sifteo Desktop Software (you will need a Mac or PC with a USB 2.0 port) and they'll be synced automatically when you plug the Sifteo Base into your computer. Then toss your cubes and base into the included soft carrying case, and play on the go!

Big tech in a little package. Cutting-edge technology powers the capabilities of each sturdy 1.7-inch Sifteo Cube and the Sifteo Base.

  • Modern, playful user interface
  • Touch sensitive screen
  • Proximity sensors to detect nearby cubes
  • Precision 3-axis accelerometer responds
    to motion
  • Full color TFT LCD display
  • Base can pair with up to 12 cubes
  • 32-bit ARM processor runs games FAST
  • 10+ hours battery life

What the press are saying

“Cool! Neat! Awesome! ...a kick in the imagination”
— The New York Times

“Sifteo Cubes Are Building Blocks For Geeks”

“Sifteo sprinkles ‘pixie dust’ on beloved games”
— San Francisco Business times

“...performed exactly as advertised.

“...spins into the same design conversation with Apple, Lego and Nintendo.”
— Kill Screen

“...bringing tactile sensations back to digital gaming.”
— Maclife

“These magical cubes engage all of your thinking skills in a fun, hands-on way.”
— ThinkGeek

“Keep those valuable brains sharp with a set of Sifteo Cubes.”