This device allows you to configure the component as a switch. It can be used for the purpose of detecting vibration or applied for detecting tilt in a specified mechanical direction.

This little brass metal cylinder looks like a capacitor, however when you pick it up you will feel and hear a metal ball rolling in the inside. On the outside of the cylinder housing you will find a black heat shrink covering it, this is done to ensure that the unit does not short circuit your circuit as it is conductive.

When you hold the unit with the leads pointing downwards the metal ball will roll down and create a short circuit and acts like a throw switch.

It should be considered an accelerometer, however it does not offer digital or analog signals that require a microcontroller to process the signals into TTL.


  • Contact Rating: 12VDC
  • Max Current: 25mA
  • Contact Resistance < 10 Ohms
  • Trigger Angle: 15°
  • Max Voltage: 20VDC
  • Pins have no polarity!

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