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7" HDMI Display 800x600 with power supply (great for Raspberry Pi)

Did you get your hands on a Raspberry Pi and need a little monitor to complete your tiny desktop computer? This LCD monitor is the answer to your problems! It runs on only 12VDC and takes HDMI as the input signal. Also, the native resolution of the monitor is fairly high for an inexpensive 7" display at 800x600.

Simply power the screen with the 12V wall wart adapter or car adapter and connect the HDMI video source and you’re ready to go. The screen is lightweight and portable, which is ideal for field use.

Note: This is not a touchscreen and have no brightness control.

Package Includes:


  • Power: 7.5-12VDC
  • Aspect Ratio: 16:10
  • Resolution: 800x600
  • Visible Area: 150mm x 85mm

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