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This is an aluminum servo bracket for MG-995 Servos. With this kit and two TowerPro MG995 Servo, you can build a 2 degrees freedom Servo mount assembly.

This kit would be potentially useful for steering a small camera, antenna, laser pointer or other device for 180°of rotation side to side and front to back. It also can be assembled to a very cool robot arm or robot legs.


  • Suit for MG995 servo
  • Color: Silvery


  • Do not bending them with big strength
  • Do not clean them with organic liquid

Package list

  • Aluminum Multi-Purpose Servo Bracket * 2
  • Aluminum U Type Servo Bracket * 1
  • Bearing cup * 1
  • M3 Insulating Washers * 8
  • M3 * 10mm Screws * 8
  • M3 Nuts * 8
  • M4 * 10mm Screws * 8
  • M4 Nuts * 8

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