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CAROBOT Motor Driver and Servo Shield (L298N 4.5V-46V 2A/ch) Kit

The CAROBOT Motor and Servo Shield is an Arduino (R3) compatible shield designed to make connecting motors, servos and sensor to your Arduino-based development board as fast and easy as possible. The shield separate the Uno’s PWM digital pins (3, 5, 6, 9, 10, 11) and the non-PWM digital pins (2, 4, 7, 8, 12, 13) for easy identification. Furthermore, the shield provide a 5V and GND rail for easy servos and sensors connection. Our Motor and Servo shield was designed when we were working with schools and saw the need for a simple way to connector servos and motor to their robotics project.

Recommended headers for connection with Arduino or compatible board:

Each CAROBOT Motor and Servo Shield is equipped with an L298N H-Bridge Motor Driver. This allows the shield to drive two DC motors or one stepper motor. The L298N H-Bridge Driver is rated up to 2A per channel and a maximum voltage of 46V. It is a powerful H-Bridge that will drive most of your typical DC motor. All you need to do and give it enough power and maybe a heatsink if you are pushing the H-Bridge to its limit.

The CAROBOT Motor and Servo Shield also features an onboard 5V 1.5A voltage regulator to power all your servos and sensors.

The motor driver uses the following pins:

PWM A Pin 3
PWM B Pin 11
DIR A Pin 12
DIR B Pin 13

*Pin 3 and 11 cannot be used as a servo pin when you are using the motor driver.

With all these features, the CAROBOT Motor and Servo Shield is ideal for small rover-style robots.

Kit includes: