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CAROBOT TinkerKit Basic Starter Bundle

This bundle have everything you need to start playing around with TinkerKit. TinkerKit simplifies electronic prototyping throughout a wide variety of sensors and actuators soldered on orange-colored boards that can be hooked up to the Arduino through the Sensor Shield and three-pin cables. TinkerKit was originally conceived for school teaching and museum exhibitions, and thus allows for the setup of interactive environments on the run without using a soldering iron or breadboard. The Arduino TinkerKit Development Kits are each a different pack of various TinkerKit modules, selected to help the user start designing interactive environments / prototype interfaces without using a breadboard or soldering iron.

In this bundle, we included the Arduino Uno R3 SMD so you can jump right into tinkering.

The Basic Kit is a pack of different TinkerKit Modules, aimed to start designing interactive environments / prototype interfaces without using the breadboard or the soldering iron.

The Basic Kit consists of the Sensor Shield V.2, 7 different Sensors, 5 Actuators, and some cables.


  • Arduino Uno R3 SMD
  • USB Cable
  • TinkerKit Basic Kit
    • Sensor Shield V.2
    • Button Module
    • LDR Module
    • Tilt Module
    • Therm Module
    • Rotary Potentiometer Module
    • Linear Potentiometer Module
    • Touch Sensor Module
    • Relay Module
    • 5mm Green Led Module
    • 5mm Yellow Led Module
    • 5mm Red Led Module
    • 10mm Green Led Module
    • (4x) 20cm Cables
    • (2x) 50cm Cables
    • 100cm Cables