Our SPT200 Direct Drive Pan & Tilt System is perfect for cameras or sensors up to 2lbs. The rigid 1/4” ABS plastic platform and aluminum servo horns on each axis make this compact pan and tilt system very rigid. Each axis is supported by a 1/4” precision ball bearing which allows the servos to handle loads applied from any direction. The 1/4” thru-holes in the top plate make it easy to mount a camera or sensor. The top plate can easily be drilled to accept other attachments if needed. The SPT200 will accept any standard size Hitec or Futaba servo (2 servos are required to assemble the kit). For loads up to 1lb, the HS-485HB or HS-645MG servos work very well. For loads exceeding 1lb, the HS-5685MH works well. For the ultimate in torque and precision, the HS-7950TH is recommended. Units come in kit form with a full set of instructions. Servos are not included and must be purchased separately (please choose the SPT200H if you intend to use Hitec servos; SPT200F if Futaba).

Note: Servos and camera are not included and must be purchased separately.

Technical Details:

  • Weight (no servos): 5.5 oz.
  • Tray Swing: 135°
  • Servos: 2 Standard Size (Hitec or Futaba) (not included)
  • Maximum Payload Weight: 2 pounds
  • Position: Hanging, Upright or Sideways

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