Seven segment LED displays are brighter, more attractive and provide a far viewing distance as well as a wider viewing angle as compared to LCD displays. The major drawback of using seven segment LEDs is they are resource-hungry. Time-division multiplexing is the most common technique of interfacing 7-segment LEDs to microcontrollers. With this technique, an 8-digit seven segment LED display with the decimal point requires at list 16 I/O pins of the microcontroller, which is quite a lot. Consequently, their use with low pin-count microcontrollers (such as PIC12F series) is not practically feasible. SPI7SEGDISP8.56 is our latest version of the MAX7219 based serial seven segment LED display module that will allow you to add 8 digits of seven segment LED displays to your project using only 3 I/O pins, and provides full control of all the digit segments including decimal points. You can even cascade two or more of these modules together without sacrificing any extra I/O pin.


  • Operates at 5.0V power supply
  • 3-wire SPI interface (DIN, CLK, LOAD)
  • Easy interface with Arduino using LedControl library
  • Multiples modules can be cascaded
  • 16 levels of brightness control through software
  • Dual 0.56" 4-digit seven-segment displays


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