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120:1 Plastic Gearmotor and Wheel Set

This item is archived from our catalog and no longer for sale. This page is available as a reference only.

120:1 Plastic Gearmotor and Wheel Set

This 5V, 83 RPM DC geared motor is ideal for DIY enthusiasts. The motor is paired with a 65mm wheel making it ideal for use in a robot car or rover. We recommend using our L298 Motor shield to driver this motor. Alternatively, you can use this dual channel motor driver or drive it with H-bridge motor driver directly. This motor is very similar to the one used on the Junior Rover platform.

Technical Details:

  • Gear Ratio: 1:120
  • No-load speed(3V): 50RPM
  • No-load speed(5V): 83RPM
  • Torgue (3V): 0.8Kgcm
  • Torque (5V): 1.0Kgcm
  • Size: 69mm * 37mm * 23mm
  • Weight: 30g


  • (1x) Motor
  • (1x) Wheel