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Robotics Classes in Markham


CAROBOT Learning and Research Organization is a centre for kids age 8-18 in Markham and the GTA to indulge their love for science, technology, engineering, arts, and math (STEM/STEAM) through the use of robotics. Robotics is an ideal learning experience for elementary school and middle school students to develop their interest in pursing a science and engineering related career.

CAROBOT Learning and Research Organization Classes

Classes offered:

  • CR101 Robotics and Mechanics I
    CR101 is a hands-on Robotics course that introduces children to real-life robotics and programming on the computer. Students will learn basic electronics, mechanical design concepts, and robotics theories while using real-world parts. Through a series of challenges of increasing difficulty, children will build logical thinking and problem solving skills while using the Arduino and CarduBlock Edu interfaces.

  • CR102 Robotics and Mechanics II
    To fully understand the basics of robotics, CR102 Robotics and Mechanics II introduces students to more robotics ideas. Students will learn to use the infrared sensor, ultrasonic sensor, photoresistors, and motors. They will also learn advanced robotics theories, including obstacle detection and avoidance. In doing so, students will use advanced programming logic such as functions. They will complete projects designed to challenge their ability to create interesting new things, as well as their problem solving skills – which in turn helps to build their logical thinking, independence, and confidence.

  • CR201 Robotics and Arduino I
    CR201 is a hands-on program that introduces students to basic real-world robotics and programming. Students will learn on the computer while using text-based programming. They will learn basic electronics, mechanical design concepts, and robotic theories while using real world electronics and mechanical parts. Through a series of challenges of increasing difficulty, children will build logical thinking and problem solving skills while using the Arduino interface. Previous programming experience is not necessary.
This is what our robotics classes look like.

For more information, visit CAROBOT Learning and Research Organization.

CAROBOT Learning and Research Organization is an Ontario-based not-for-profit corporation sponsored by Canada Robotix.