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Link Instruments USB Oscilloscope (MSO-19 Single Channel)

Need to do some debugging? Who doesn't? But do you really want to be weighed down with a logic analyzer, a pattern generator and a DSO? Well with this tool from Link instruments, you won't be. The MSO-19 is a single-channel 2GSa/s oscilloscope as well as a 200MSa/s logic analyzer and pattern generator. This combination does more than save space, though, because with all nine channels being sampled during the same clock you get accurate time correlation between logic and o-scope events. All channels on the instrument can be viewed simultaneously using the included software. Simply plug in the device, install the drivers and you're ready to do some serious troubleshooting. Also, at just 2.5oz, it's small and light enough to pack in your laptop case or tool bag.

The MSO-19 offers several different triggering options including adjustable rising and falling edge triggers, pulse width, logic triggers, even I2C and SPI trigger words. Also, because of the large buffer size and quick processor in the MSO-19, the speed of your computer won't significantly effect the performance of your instrument. Did we mention that the MSO-19 is also an 8-channel pattern generator? Pattern generator output can be triggered by any of the advanced triggering methods and the software allows to simple data creation and import/export.

Dimensions: 4.0" x 2.4" x 0.8" (102mm x 61mm x 20mm)


  • Advanced Triggering: Multiple Oscilloscope Triggers, Logic Trigger Words, I2C and SPI
  • High Speed Sampling: 200MSa single shot sample rate and 60MHz bandwidth
  • Display and decode SPI and I2C serial bus protocols as well as trigger on them.
  • Pattern Generator Output
  • FFT Spectrum Analyzer
  • Small and Lightweight
  • USB Powered


  • MSO-19 Oscilloscope Logic Analyzer
  • Software and Drivers CD
  • x1/x10 Oscilloscope Probe with Test Hook Attachment
  • 8- Pin Wiring Harness
  • EZ Hook Test Probes
  • USB mini-B Cable


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