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1. Replacement side brush for iRobot Roomba 500, 600, 700, 800 series side brush can reach the hard clean places around the corner and remove more dirt, dust and debris.

2. Clean brushes ensure optimal cleaning performance. Handy cleaning tool with plastic teeth and a cutting blade helps you quickly and easily remove hair and debris from iRobot Roomba brushes. The tool's blade allows you to cut away hair from the bristles and the comb helps you pull the hair away once it's cut free.

We recommend that you clean your robot's brushes every 1-3 uses (depending upon the amount of hair and debris in your home). This handy cleaning tool features plastic teeth and a cutting blade to help you quickly and easily remove hair and debris from Roomba brushes.

Compatible with Roomba 500, 600 and 700, 800 Series.

Package Includes:

  • Side Brushes x 4
  • Screws x 4
  • Cleaning Tool x 1

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