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Hakko CHP-170-D Micro Cutter with Dissipative Handles

The popular CHP-170 precision cutter series features sharp blades and carefully machined surfaces providing accurate cutting with less force. Great for cutting copper and soft wires, 16 AWG max cut.

Micro Cutter

• Dolphin-style grips are slim and lightweight to reduce stress on operator’s hands.

• ESD safe black dissipative handles eliminate electrostatic build-up

• Flush Cut. Angled head for flush cutting applications up to 16AWG max cut (1.3mm) on copper wire.

• Smooth movement to reduce operator fatigue.

• Reversed angled cutting surface, enables terminal wires to be easily cut. (1.5mm standoff)

• Durable heat treated carbon steel

Note: Max cut is determined with copper wire. To order red handles. Part number CHP-170





Part Number: CHP 170-D

Steel: 2.5mm

Cut: Flush

Max cut: 16 AWG

Rockwell Hardness (RHC): 56

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