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Pololu m3pi Expansion Kit for 3pi

Pololu m3pi Expansion Kit for 3pi
Pololu m3pi Expansion Kit for 3pi
Product ID: 0063-PLU
Manufacturer: Pololu
Mfr Parts No.: 2152
Availability: Special Order
Price: $35.39 CAD

The m3pi expansion kit gives 3pi robot users a convenient way to upgrade the functionality of their robots by adding more features, enabling the use of more capable high-level controllers like an mbed development board, and making it easy to integrate wireless modules like an XBee or Wixel.

This kit is also available fully-assembled with a 3pi robot.

The kit includes an expansion PCB with all of the surface-mount parts populated as shown in the following picture:

Pololu m3pi expansion kit PCB, top view.

Assembly of the kit requires the included headers and pushbuttons to be soldered to the PCB:

Hardware and connectors included with the Pololu m3pi expansion kit.
Assembly location diagram for the m3pi’s top-side components and headers.

Once assembled and connected to a 3pi robot (not included), you will have your own m3pi robot:

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