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Parallax Shield Robot with Arduino

Parallax Shield Robot with Arduino
Parallax Shield Robot with Arduino Parallax Shield Robot with Arduino Parallax Shield Robot with Arduino
Product ID: 1631-PLX
Manufacturer: Parallax
Mfr Parts No.: 32335
Availability: Unavailable

Our very popular Robotics Shield Kit is now available in a complete package that includes an Arduino Uno and programming cable.  Learn Arduino programming, robotics, and circuit-building all together by following our free, step-by-step web tutorials.

Suitable for hobbyists, robotics summer camps, and grade 7-12 classrooms. Building the robot takes about an hour, and the online tutorial includes 40 hands-on activities. The assembled robot fits back in its box for safe-keeping between activities.

Kit Contents:

  • Arduino Uno  
  • USB A to B cable  
  • Board of Education Shield PCB
  • High-quality aluminum robot chassis
  • Continuous rotation servos (50 RPM) and wheels
  • 5-cell AA battery pack
  • All the electronic components and sensors needed for the tutorial activities
  • All the assembly hardware needed (nuts, screws, and standoffs)
  • Parallax Screwdriver

Key Features:

  • Complete — just add batteries!
  • Beginner-friendly —  No programming experience needed
  • Solder-free — Experiment with custom circuits on the breadboard (no special-brand connectors)
  • Understandable — Free, easy-to-follow web tutorials and example code downloads
  • Autonomous — DIY touch, light, and infrared sensor circuits let the Shield-Bot navigate on its own
  • Expandable — Additional sensors and hardware accessory kits are available to get the most out of your robot.
  • Affordable — Educator discounts available at any quantity

Application Ideas:

  • A robot friend for your home
  • "Staff" for your Robotics Summer Camp
  • A fleet of robots for your classroom

Note: Requires five 1.5 V AA batteries, not included. For use with six 1.2 V rechargeable batteries, add a Boe-Boost module, sold separately.

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