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Hakko CHP PN-2006 Long Nose Pliers

Hakko CHP PN-2006 Long Nose Pliers
Hakko CHP PN-2006 Long Nose Pliers
Product ID: 1895-HKK
Location: 9922631
Manufacturer: Hakko
Mfr Parts No.: PN-2006
Availability: In Stock
Price: $13.69 CAD
  • Long pointed nose pliers with 1.2mm width for general purpose electronics applications
  • 32mm smooth jaw with precision-ground surfaces provides smooth operation
  • Flat outside edge eases access to recessed or component-dense areas
  • Dolphin-style nonslip hand grips provide comfort and control, and curved fore-edge protects hands from cutting surfaces
  • 3mm heat-treated carbon steel construction provides durability and long life, and Parkerized surfaces prevent glare and increase corrosion resistance

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