RFID Reader Module
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$16.49 CAD
Mifare 1K RFID/NFC Tag - ABS Token (13.56 MHz)
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RFID Reader Module (125Khz EM4100 RDM6300)
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RF Link Transmitter (4800 bps - 315 MHz)
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RFID Reader Module

RFID Reader Module
RFID Reader Module RFID Reader Module RFID Reader Module RFID Reader Module
Product ID: 2132-PRT
Location: 1000305
Manufacturer: Elecrow
Availability: In Stock
Price: $16.49 CAD
This product has been used in building intercom and access control products for many years, it has high stability and strongest anti-interference ability. The ATMEGA8 of this module is a high- performance AVR MCU of AVR family. It’s easy to use and small enough to be embedded into your system. It will perform well in your projects.


  • Wiegand 26/34 optional
  • Wiegand data output and the uart ID output simultaneously, baud rate 9600/19200 optional.
  • Four mounting holes, can be installed on your product (can be customized according to customer size).
  • The coil can swap, in the actual use, the replacement device does not require effort to dismantle the coil.
  • Use an external crystal
  • Lighting instructions
  • A square coil, more suitable for use in building intercom, access control and other products.
  • SMT machine batch processing.


  • Support card type: Read-only ID card (EM4100 / 4001, etc.)
  • Support card Frequency: 125K
  • Read Range: 3-10CM
  • Reader Time: Less than 0.2 seconds
  • Output interface: Wiegand 26/34 optional; UART serial output, TTL level (selectable baud rate)
  • Relative Humidity( Work): 20% -90% RH
  • Relative Humidity(Storage): 10% -90% RH
  • Environmental temperature requirements:-55℃ - 125℃
  • Standard size: 29MM * 62MM
  • Coil size: 35MM * 54MM
  • Coil lead: 10CM

Package list

  • RFID Reader Module x 1
  • ID key x 1
  • Copper coil x 1

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