Excavator Arm
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Wind Power Car v1
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Wind Power Car v1

Wind Power Car v1
Wind Power Car v1 Wind Power Car v1 Wind Power Car v1
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Wind Power Car Is a Manual Experimental Material Package, Mainly For The Atmospheric Thrust Of The Experiment, The Picture Shows The Finished Product After Installation, Received a Small Package Of DIY Small Parts, Through Hands-On Assembly, Both Exercise The Flexibility Of The Hands Can Exercise Thinking Flexible, Suitable For Small Production Technology Activities, Without Batteries.

  • Principle: After Installation, Access The Battery (AA x 2), Propeller Rotation, The Air To Promote The Car Forward.
  • Test: The Correct Installation, The Wind Should Be Blowing The Direction Facing The Propeller, If The Wind Is Reversed, You Can Directly Reverse The Power Cord Can Be.
  • Finished Size: Height 9 cm, Width 7 cm, Length 13.5 cm
  • Weight: 51 Grams.
  • Material: Wood, ABS Plastic

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