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Raspberry Pi 2 Model B (1GB)

Raspberry Pi 2 Model B (1GB)
Raspberry Pi 2 Model B (1GB) Raspberry Pi 2 Model B (1GB) Raspberry Pi 2 Model B (1GB) Raspberry Pi 2 Model B (1GB) Raspberry Pi 2 Model B (1GB) Raspberry Pi 2 Model B (1GB) Raspberry Pi 2 Model B (1GB) Raspberry Pi 2 Model B (1GB)
Product ID: 1426-RBP
Manufacturer: Raspberry Pi
Mfr Parts No.: PI 2 MODEL B
Availability: Unavailable

The Raspberry Pi 2 Model B is the second generation Raspberry Pi. It replaced the original Raspberry Pi 1 Model B+. Compared to the Raspberry Pi 1 it has:

  • A 900MHz quad-core ARM Cortex-A7 CPU
  • 1GB RAM

Like the (Pi 1) Model B+, it also has:

  • 4 USB ports
  • 40 GPIO pins
  • Full HDMI port
  • Ethernet port
  • Combined 3.5mm audio jack and composite video
  • Camera interface (CSI)
  • Display interface (DSI)
  • Micro SD card slot
  • VideoCore IV 3D graphics core

Because it has an ARMv7 processor, it can run the full range of ARM GNU/Linux distributions, including Snappy Ubuntu Core, as well as Microsoft Windows 10 (see the blog for more information).

The Raspberry Pi 2 has an identical form factor to the previous (Pi 1) Model B+ and has complete compatibility with Raspberry Pi 1.

The device is powered by 5v micro USB. Exactly how much current (mA) the Raspberry Pi requires is dependent on what you hook up to it. We have found that purchasing a 1.2A (1200mA) power supply from a reputable retailer is a minimium. This will provide you with ample power to run your Raspberry Pi for most applications, though you may want to get a 2.5A (2500mA) if you want to use all 4 USB ports on the Model B without using an external powered USB hub. These are the power supplies we recommed.

We recommend the Raspberry Pi 2 Model B for use in schools: it offers more flexibility for learners than the leaner (Pi 1) Model A+, which is more useful for embedded projects and projects which require very low power.

Note: Some boards are made in the UK, some in PRC. WE DO NOT KNOW IN ADVANCE WHICH ONES YOU MAY RECEIVE!


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