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Arduino Yún Rev 2

Arduino Yún Rev 2
Arduino Yún Rev 2 Arduino Yún Rev 2 Arduino Yún Rev 2
Product ID: 2464-ARD
Location: 9931211
Mfr Parts No.: ABX00020
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Price: $74.69 CAD

The Yún Rev 2, Linux powered board with the Arduino simplicity, is the perfect board for your IoT projects!

The Yún rev. 2 with the power of a Linux based system that enables advanced network connections and applications.
Connection to your WiFi or wired network is simple thanks to the Yún Web Panel and the dedicated ''YunFirstConfig'' sketch. The Web panel allows you to manage your shield preferences and upload your sketch. The Yún rev. 2 uses the Bridge library and so extends the board capabilities by using the Linux processor.

As always, every element of the platform – hardware, software and documentation – is freely available and open-source. This means that you can learn exactly how it's made and use its design as the starting point for your own projects.


The Yún Rev. 2 board allows you to connect to the internet using the onboard WiFi or Ethernet connection. Furthermore thanks to the Bridge library it able to extend the functionalities of the Microprocessor by using the computational power of the Linux processor on the shield. Using the Yún Web Panel it is also possible to configure all the shield-related features and remotely upload sketches on the board connected to the shield. 

On-board Indicators

The shield contains a number of signalling LEDs:

  • ON (green): indicates that the shield is properly powered
  • WLAN (blue): indicates a connection to a wireless network
  • WAN (red): indicates connection to ethernet
  • USB (white) : indicates system activity and/or if a USB key is mounted

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